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Christina McLeod | Sumter SC Sumter

Nick name in the forums: Christina

Already lost 52 pounds!

Starting Weight: 232 pounds

Current Weight: 180 pounds

Weight lost to date: 52 pounds

Goal weight: 150 pounds

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Christina McLeod's Picture' Christina McLeod's Picture'

Already lost 40 pounds!

Starting Weight: 210 pounds

Current Weight: 170 pounds

Weight lost to date: 40 pounds

Goal weight: 145 pounds

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Alyssa's Picture' Alyssa's Picture'
jenni cabello | minneapolis mn

Nick name in the forums: imthin

Already lost 26 pounds!

Starting Weight: 166 pounds

Current Weight: 140 pounds

Weight lost to date: 26 pounds

Goal weight: 120 pounds

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jenni cabello's Picture' jenni cabello's Picture'

Already lost 58 pounds!

Starting Weight: 253 pounds

Current Weight: 195 pounds

Weight lost to date: 58 pounds

Goal weight: 170 pounds

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Kandyce's Picture' Kandyce's Picture'
ashley salinas | stapleton, al

Nick name in the forums: asalinas0509

Already lost 76 pounds!

Starting Weight: 230 pounds

Current Weight: 154 pounds

Weight lost to date: 76 pounds

Goal weight: 135 pounds

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ashley salinas's Picture' ashley salinas's Picture'