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Different people, different results

Generic Adipex is a very effective weight loss medication for those who are looking to lose weight fast. It works by suppressing appetite, curbing food cravings, and by increasing energy, enabling those who want to lose weight to do so easier and faster. Every individual who takes generic Adipex is different, so the results of Adipex will be different depending on the person, as we all have different body types, eating habits, metabolisms, genetics, and so on.

The first thing to remember about Adipex results, is that they will be the same as those you would experience with generic phentermine.

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Great results with Adipex during the first week

A frequent experience with Adipex is a spectacular weight loss during the first week, which can go up to 10 pounds.
The weight loss generally declines with time and some patients report plateaus after a few weeks of taking the medication. This is because the body gets used to Adipex, which hinders the results.

You must remember that Adipex is a great tool to help you kick start your weight loss journey, make significant modifications to your diet and exercise routine, in order to sustain your weight loss.

Adipex is typically not prescribed for long periods of time, because of addictive issues but also because its effects tend to decline with time. Consensus of prescription is around 12 weeks. This gives you enough time to make necessary changes to your lifestyle in order to continue your journey, if need be, without the help of Adipex.

However, 12 weeks can also be considered too short to make these changes. If this is your case and you feel you still need support but no longer have a prescription, recommends the use of Phen Caps, a powerful dietary supplement designed to offer similar results to Adipex, but with no risk of addiction or known side effects.