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Do prescription weight loss drugs work?

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Yes, prescription weight loss drugs do work if used correctly.

One of the common criticisms of prescription weight loss drugs is that patients regain the weight they originally lost once they stop taking the diet pills. Prescription weight loss drugs should be used as a tool to help people adopt healthier diets and exercise programs that they can maintain for the rest of their lives. Of course, if you return to the diet and exercise habits that you had before you started taking the prescription weight loss drugs, over time you will regain the weight you lost.

One drawback that all medications, not just prescription weight loss drugs, have is the possibility of side effects. Prescription weight loss drugs that are FDA approved such as phentermine and Xenical are considered to have a positive effect on weight loss and be safe to use. However, each person's body reacts differently to medications and some people may experience more or less severe side effects from prescription weight loss drugs than others. Some people may find that their body does not tolerate a particular prescription weight loss drug well and may be advised to switch to try a different one.
Your medical history should always be taken into account before your doctor agrees to prescribe a prescription weight loss drug for you. Once you have started taking the diet pills, your progress and reaction to the drugs should be closely monitored by a health professional.

FDA approved prescription weight loss drugs include:


Phentermine brand names:

  • Adipex
  • Ionamin
  • Duromine
  • Qsymia




Phendimetrazine brand names:

  • Adipost
  • Anorex-SR
  • Bontril PDM
  • Appecon
  • Bontril Slow-Release
  • Obezine
  • Phendiet
  • Pegine
  • Prelu-2
  • Statobex
  • Melfiat
  • PT 105


Orlistat brand names:

  • Xenical
  • Alli (no-prescription required)


Sibutramine brand names:

  • Meridia
  • Ectiva
  • Reductil