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When should I take Phen Caps?

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Phen Caps are an alternative to phentermine so they can be taken instead of phentermine for those who are unable to get a phentermine prescription, for those who have finished their prescription, or for those who have tried phentermine and do not like the side effects. If you are taking Phen Caps alone then the recommended daily dosage is two capsules per day; ideally you should take the first capsule approximately 30 minutes before breakfast and the second capsule around 30 minutes before lunch for optimum effects.

In addition to being a phentermine alternative, many people take Phen Caps and phentermine together. As Phen Caps contain different ingredients to phentermine, if the effects of phentermine have begun to decrease, taking Phen Caps alongside phentermine gives you enhanced appetite suppression and an extra energy boost. Furthermore, when taking phentermine, people find that their hunger can sometimes return in the afternoon and that their cravings are more difficult to control due to a lack of energy after lunch, especially if they take their phentermine particularly early. Taking Phen Caps alongside phentermine is a great way to manage your hunger levels so that you don't eat too much, and so that you are able to make good food choices during the afternoon and at dinner time. When combining phentermine and Phen Caps, we would recommend that you take your phentermine pill in the morning before breakfast and then just take one Phen Cap before lunch. Due to the stimulant effects of both phentermine and Phen Caps, it is not advisable to take either any later in the day.

As Phen Caps are available without a prescription and do not cause any side effects, you can take them for as long as necessary to reach your goal weight and also while you first start the difficult period of weight maintenance. Therefore, Phen Caps offer the perfect alternative to phentermine to enable you to finish your weight loss journey once your phentermine prescription comes to an end.