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created on Feb 27, 2013 11:22:19 PM

I started Phentermine the end of Feb 2013 started at 407. I did 2 months on phentermine and I have one refill left In June I wanted to do it without the pill, June went slow but I decided slow is best for the amount I need to loose. I still have not refilled the RX :) I am down 62Lbs today. I dont really have a goal weight, just going to continue eating healthy. I have to thank my husband he has been my rock and my support through this....
This is all from eating healthy. I have not worked out at all. I know I should but working 2 jobs, I have to admit I am a bit tired and rather spend my time with my husband doggies :)

  • 62 Lbs Down

    62 Lbs Down

  • 62 Down... Several More to go Sideview

    62 Down... Several More to go Sideview