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Already lost 51 pounds!

Starting Weight: 290 pounds

Current Weight: 239 pounds

Weight lost to date: 51 pounds

Goal weight: 190 pounds

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Chrissy's Picture' Chrissy's Picture'

Already lost 35 pounds!

Starting Weight: 170 pounds

Current Weight: 135 pounds

Weight lost to date: 35 pounds

Goal weight: 110 pounds

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Melissa's Picture' Melissa's Picture'

Already lost 33 pounds!

Starting Weight: 175 pounds

Current Weight: 142 pounds

Weight lost to date: 33 pounds

Goal weight: 140 pounds

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Mayling's Picture' Mayling's Picture'

Already lost 29 pounds!

Starting Weight: 180 pounds

Current Weight: 151 pounds

Weight lost to date: 29 pounds

Goal weight: 145 pounds

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Raelene's Picture' Raelene's Picture'

Already lost 118 pounds!

Starting Weight: 286 pounds

Current Weight: 168 pounds

Weight lost to date: 118 pounds

Goal weight: 160 pounds

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Ginger's Picture' Ginger's Picture'