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Already lost 77 pounds!

Starting Weight: 282 pounds

Current Weight: 205 pounds

Weight lost to date: 77 pounds

Goal weight: 160 pounds

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Mary's Picture' Mary's Picture'

Already lost 53 pounds!

Starting Weight: 300 pounds

Current Weight: 247 pounds

Weight lost to date: 53 pounds

Goal weight: 190 pounds

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Kevin DeGroat | Vero Beach, FL, USA

Nick name in the forums: Muffinman1119

Already lost 126 pounds!

Starting Weight: 402 pounds

Current Weight: 276 pounds

Weight lost to date: 126 pounds

Goal weight: 220 pounds

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Kevin DeGroat's Picture' Kevin DeGroat's Picture'
Sarah | Punxsutawney

Already lost 32 pounds!

Starting Weight: 235 pounds

Current Weight: 203 pounds

Weight lost to date: 32 pounds

Goal weight: 150 pounds

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Krista | Oklahoma

Nick name in the forums: Krista2012

Already lost 75 pounds!

Starting Weight: 298 pounds

Current Weight: 223 pounds

Weight lost to date: 75 pounds

Goal weight: 140 pounds

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Krista's Picture' Krista's Picture' Krista's Picture'