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By AJ on Dec 6, 2016


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Lots of weight to loose

So I started Phen on 10/1/2016. I take 37.5 mg tablet first thing in the morning with lemon water. I definitely felt a bit anxious the first few weeks, had a headache the first few days, slight difficulty getting to sleep the first week or two and dry mouth was on and off! I have had continued constipation! I take Miralax to help with that. No big deal with the dry mouth since I am drinking about 100 ounces of water a day. If you can make it past a 2 week adjustment period you will be good! Stick it out! If its nothing serious!! I keep track of my eating with "my fitness pal"free app. -LOVE!!! I do have to force myself to eat-weird!!! I eat breakfest, lunch, dinner and snack about 1200 calories day! Lots and lots of water!!!! My choices are healthier and smaller portions! I dont eat out much and never eat fast food! I have cut out coffee and soda completely at this point! It took a bit with soda. Started off reducing it to diet coke then went to one a day! Now have stopped it all together . This has been a lifetime struggle! I love regular coke!! I used to drink one first thing in the AM. Several large cokes a day. Firstly -I am a woman 5'9 , 246.5 pounds. 45 years old- been overweight for 20 years now !!! Tried everything to loose weight! I did not weigh myself at all the first month. First weigh in- after one month I had lost 19 months! Second month 14 pounds! I weighed myself today after 9 weeks I weigh 210! Down 36 pounds! I will be on this for one more month! Then stop for a bit! My goal was to get below 200 then stop meds. Try and do it without meds to get to 160pds. Right now I am feeling positive and am very glad I made this choice. Hope this helps a bit. Also work on yourself! I am an emotional eater so I need to change the way I deal with stress/anxiety! I am reading Food addicts anonymous book -it helps me! Good luck and dont be too hard on yourself ! Its a marathon not a race!!!

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