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By Cassidy on Jan 24, 2017


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Duration: 6 months

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Roscoe, Illinois

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Gender: Female
Age: 18-30

Great for temporary relief

Prescription was for 37.5 milligrams however due to caffeine sensitivity it was recommended to me to only take half I took it consistently every day along with B12 for about 6 months and weaned myself off going for him everyday to every other day. I lost about 13 pounds total gaining 3 back it was great for temporary relief over the summer. Took about 3 days for me to adjust to the caffeine and if I didn't get in at least an hour of vigorous workout my mood would be cranky and it felt as though my heart was racing. It also affected my sleep making me jittery. Sometimes would have to compensate with sleeplessness of taking a half of Benadryl just to calm down. Also makes you thirsty makes you feel like you are a parched. It is recommended that you drink half your weight in ounces every day even if I met my requirement of 80 ounces still felt like it wasn't enough and I would be peeing every hour. My regular Doctor did not want me on it for a very long time because I would not see the same results I did the first time due to tolerance and it can cause heart palpitations. I researched this product extensively through clinical trials found on the internet with legitimate sources. Recently started to take it again however results are not the same as the first time and its effect on my mood was more intense. Recently have completely stopped taking it due to its of my mood and sleepless nights family started getting concerned as well as I and have decided to cease all together.

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