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By shannon on Jan 31, 2017


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at my doctors office

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pretty useful so far

I've been on phen for about 2 weeks now and I've lost 7lbs.
Preface: I have bad anxiety and occasional depression. I weighed 115lbs in college. dated, got married and ultimately had a child. I started Phen at 164lbs.
Current: I love how its curbed my appetite which makes it so much easier to make healthier food choices which in turn, is turning into a habit. I did skip 2 doses due to excessive anxiety or just got so busy with work I couldn't stop to eat so I could take my pill. During those days I missed, my appetite wasn't as suppressed but I still had cotton mouth.
Side effects so far are occasional mild headaches(i suffer from migraines so these are a breeze) dry mouth, irritability(nothing really new or uncontrollable) I am more forgetful. I drank coffee and energy drinks for so long that the palpitations are a normal thing. Like a tolerance.
I have noticed a decrease in effectiveness after the first 2 weeks. My stomach growls when I'm hungry otherwise I wouldn't know when to eat. I still crave sweets but its so much easier to refuse now.
I've cut all soda and greatly decreased unnecessary sugar intake, decreased carb intake such as breads, chips and other snack foods. Made a complete overhaul on my diet choices. I need help drinking water despite the cotton mouth. Oh, another weird side effect is yawning even though I'm not tired. I have absolutely no problem sleeping, but I did notice I need a nap during the day.

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