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By DeeTay71 on Apr 28, 2016


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I had 2 kids back to back and never lost the baby weight, then I ballooned to 225lbs! I’m a small girl – 5’1, so this was horrible to be so big. I tried it all, no success. I had terrible cravings for sugar and lots of stress in my life due to personal issues. I couldn’t take it and went to my doctor crying desperate for something to help. After some tests she gave me phentermine 1 daily 37.5mg, I’ve lost 10lbs this month, I have never lost that much in 30 days no matter what I tried. I have no appetite with this, but cravings come back later so I am looking into supplements to help with this. Dry mouth is bad but it just helps me drink more water, so this is an easy fix. Sleep has been hard but seems to be getting better.

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