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By Ella83 on May 3, 2016


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remember to eat or you won't lose

I took phen for 6 months, started at 210 and got to 165 – amazing! That was last summer, and I’ve gained most of it back. So, this is my advice – 1. Eat – you may not want to but you HAVE to eat, or your metabolism will slow down so much and you’ll stop losing weight. But, watch what you eat and eat the right things. 2. Take vitamins – I got hair loss, no concentration, always tired and nearly fainted a couple times. I didn’t know that my body was crying out for food, because I didn’t feel like eating. I was probably eating no more than 500 calories some days – you need 700 a day even doing nothing. 3. Be prepared to gain the weight back, make a plan for when you come off because it’s not forever – there is no safety net. I recommend it but it’s not a miracle pill and you have to be smart about it.

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