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By newshoes on Apr 10, 2016


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not as good as it used to be

I took phen years ago after before I had my kids and saw great results - no hunger, side effects yes but manageable, lost around 25lbs and maintained it until I had my first, yo-yoed between kids and then decided to do something about it now my youngest is 5. I'm on it a month now and the effects don't feel the same, I still get hungry and don't feel the same energy boost as last time - I feel more tired in fact. The side effects are worse this time too - dizzy, get angry a lot, dry mouth and no sleep. I am losing slowly, down around 7lbs so far but I could lose that in a week before and this is after a month. I'm gonna stick with it and start walking to try and help me lose faster as I can only get it for 3 months.

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