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By TessX on Jun 16, 2016


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lose weight smart not fast

I took phentermine before and the weight came off easy even though I didn't exercise, but then I gradually started putting it on again as soon as I came off. This time I'm doing it right - the smart way. Exercise, which is something I now love, especially zumba and I even started running too - never thought I'd be the one on the treadmill at the gym never ever. I'm losing 1-2lbs a week and I lost body fat too, all of my old clothes are huge on me, and I feel great. I have about 10lbs left to go but I am in no hurry. I eat sensible, still have treats, still eat carbs - they are essential, low carb makes you weak, miserable and forgetful, I know because I did it. I still weigh my food and plan ahead. I get dry mouth at the start, some headaches, insomnia a lot - phentermine isn't a solution, it's an aid but if you use it right it can help so much.

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