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By TXJenn on Aug 8, 2016


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Duration: 90 days

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OBGYN.... And Walmart pharmacy $13 monthly

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Gender: Female
Age: 18-30

Life Changing (smiles)

Im a 30 yr old female with 4 children... I have always had trouble with weight loss and i couldn't see myself losing weight. When i heard of Phentermine I though (yea right) it won't work! So I gave it a shot and on day 1 I immediately saw a change iny hunger and energy. I had and still have no negative side effects. 2 major side effects for me include ( energy & no hunger). Still I eat but I watch my diet. It gives me enough energy to walk and keep myself in motion all day but not too much where people think something's wrong! Any how, I weighed in the day before i started phentermine 30mg once daily, one hour before breakfast capsules and I weighed 219! (All time low) for me atleast. My original weight growing up has always been in the 140's... Its been exactly 2 months and I'm down to 185... I have one month to go and Im hoping to lose atleast 12 lbs... Ok so I could have lost more weight in these past two months, but, I attended many bbq's and birthday partys and I indulged! But Im down 5 sizes and feel better about myself. Im happier and more energized. Definitely for me...

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