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By Jake B on Aug 22, 2016


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Duration: 90 days

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Gender: Male
Age: 31-45

Gave me the control I needed

Years of eating unhealthy and grabbing food on the go caught up with me and my weight was suddenly over the 350lbs mark. My doctor was worried about me developing diabetes and heart problems so he put me on adipex earlier this year and it was fantastic. I got the control I needed to stop eating when I was full, which was a lot sooner, I can eat a lot less and be good for hours. I always eat breakfast at home now instead of grabbing something unhealthy like I used to, I take leftovers to work for lunch and then dinner at home. I am also spending a lot less on eating out too which is a bonus. I'm under 300lbs now and hope to get to around 220lbs by the end of the year.

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