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By Martha on Aug 26, 2016


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Duration: 6 months

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Gender: Female
Age: 46-60

Really helps me stick to my diet

Around 20 years ago I was topping the scale at 225, depressed and in a miserable marriage. I got out and decided to do something about my weight, so with exercise and diet I got my weight down to around 150lbs and felt like a different person. I'm nearly 60 now and over the years the pounds have crept back, and working as a cleaner has left me with bad knees so exercise is hard. I found a diet that helped me lose but I could never stick to it and went all out every weekend after doing good all week, starting back on Monday and getting nowhere. Phentermine helps me keep on plan and even takes away my cravings to cheat. For a birthday celebration a couple weeks back I had a glass of wine in my hand and after two sips I was done. I actually feel kinda sick the day after I eat anything greasy or fatty now, my body is so used to good fresh stuff. After around 6 months, some on my own and some with phen I'm around 5lbs from my 150 target so hopefully I can do it alone and then keep it off.

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